Safety and reliability at the highest level!


Service and safety are at the heart of the organisation of Hoist International. To ensure these preconditions, we use a quality system in which multiple certificates are included. Below you will find all the certificates Hoist International has.

Our operational employees have career-oriented certificates, like EKH Keurmeester for above and beneath the hook, NEN2484 for approving ladders, NEN3140 for approving electric equipment and for moving loads horizontally and vertically. All employees are VCA or VCA-full certified.

Certificate safety system VCA;

VCA stands for Safety, Healthcare and Environment Checklist Constructers. This certificate is developed to guarantee the safety and to lower the amount of accidents.

Certificate quality system ISO 9001:2008

Hoist International owns the last certificates of ISO 9001, in which our service targets are included. This proofs that we can meet predetermined and structured quality management, and we can meet customer expectations, laws and regulations, and internal demands.

Certificate EKH above and beneath the hook

The market-wide directive Acknowledged Labelled Company Lift and Hoist Equipment (EKH) provides rules for a safe environment in which equipment is annually inspected, tested and approved. The EKH official rules and regulations are combined with specific demands arising from specific knowledge and experience within the market. This provides a very good guarantee for an adequate delivery and approval by EKH-members.

EKH Above the hook

EKH Beneath the hook