Safety and reliability at the highest level!


Social responsibilities are self-evident for organisations that are part of the current society we live in. Hoist International sees social commitment as an important part of her existence and has defined this in the CSR policy. The policy is part of the ISO 9001 system of Hoist International and is facing continuous improvements.


Hoist International delivers his contributions in three major areas, namely environment, social commitment and safety.




Hoist International is very conscious about his own contribution to environmental problems and stimulates external parties to do the same. The organisation is trying to bring the negative influences to the minimum and evaluates annually the results of these activities. We apply several internal guidelines to improve continuously.


For example, since a couple of years new company vehicles that are bought by Hoist International have to have an A-label, eco label or have to be fully electric. Next to that, special central waste contracts are closed, which makes sure that waste is separated and re-used. Internally, printing of e-mail and other paper work is particularly discouraged.


Hoist International also wants suppliers to be aware of the new developments and environmental changes, and give them the opportunity to grow in this area. That is why suppliers of Hoist International are asked to deliver their contribution to corporate social responsibilities by showing a policy during the selection phase. Also, the work and activities of regular suppliers is annually checked and improved.


In the end, we ask our customers to think about environmental responsibility and we like to provide the confirmations of your orders digitally.


Social commitment:


Hoist International distinguishes itself by his social character and commitment with the employees. For example, employees have the opportunity to develop themselves within the company. This can be done by following courses, which not only leads to the growth of the individual, but also of the company as a whole.


Also, Hoist International keeps contact with former employees and recent employees are involved in the organisation of, for example, social events. The events are organised a few times each year. Externally, Hoist International is always open for sponsor activities from organisations as well as individuals. We provide manpower and financial aid to support the activities.




Safety is at the heart of the organisation of Hoist International. No concessions are made here for employees, suppliers as well as customers. Due to internal risk inventories, bottlenecks are spotted fast and action is taken to make a situation as safe as possible. These inspections occur regularly. Also, new initiatives are developed to maintain the security and these are implemented briefly.


Hoist International also owns a VCA certificate. Our employees are always alert and think with the customers the prevent bottlenecks.